January 04, 2014

Obligatory first post

This is mostly a test post so I can edit my template and layout of this blog and make it as pretty as possible, but it is an introductory post as well I suppose :)

One of my new years resolutions was to make and keep a book blog. I have no idea what kind of posts I'll be making yet or how often I'll blog here, but at least I've got one now.

I guess we'll find out where this ends up in due time!


  1. Welcome to the World of Blogging! If you have any problems feel free to send me an e-mail or ask me on my blog.


  2. Welcome to Blogger! :D Really cool blog name, it's so creative! Um..yeah, wanted to say HI and yeah HIIIIII XD Sorry, I'm very awks. Anyway, welcome again and come say HIII sometime :)



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