January 04, 2014

2014 resolutions and book goals

For my resolutions this year, I decided to just loosely list some things I want to do, rather than set exact goals for exact things. For example, instead of taking pictures every day of the year, my resolution is to just take pictures more often than I did before. I don't want to pressure myself, but I do want to push myself.

My first resolution is to start a personal project I can stick to, and this blog is the result of that. I don't want to post a lot in January from excitement, never post in February, then make the 'oops sorry I haven't posted in a month' blog in March. I would like to post regularly and thoughtfully, and never feel like I'm forcing posts.

The next is to read more often because I typically read about 5 to 10 books a year. My reading challenge goal on Goodreads is to read 15 books, which is pathetic compared to how much other people can read. But that's ok because it's my goal based on how well I think I can do.

I want to write more often, and I think blogging counts. When I blog I really do feel like I'm fleshing out my thoughts no matter what the subject might be.

The last one is something I've always always always wanted to do, and that is to keep a gratitude journal. I have a pretty notebook I bought that has been collecting dust and it would be so perfect for a gratitude journal. I would prefer a gratitude journal over a good things jar because I like to date things and order things and stuffing folded up shreds of paper in a jar does not at all satisfy me.

My book goals are to finish all of the started but never finished books on my bookshelf. I have maybe 10 books I read halfway through then put back down. Reading more than one book at a time is impossible for me, and my unfinished books are the result of my attempts.

I also want to start building up my collection, because I have a little bookshelf unit, one shelf for books I've read and the other for books I haven't.

In contrast to that goal, I would like to get rid of some of my old books that I don't care much for any more. It's nice keeping books after you've read them, but some of mine are so old and unloved they need new homes.

This is the longest blog I've written in like six months and it feels wonderful :)


  1. Welcome to the book blogging world! I think 15 is a perfect goal, last year I introduced my friend to reading as its something he told me would be boring and there he was on Christmas Eve finishing off his 15th book too! I made sure to pick out small or books I classed as easy reads to help out. I think thats the great thing about reading, you can pick whats suitable to you. Personally I know I can only get through two or three hefty books a year because they take so long.

    1. Thanks! Since I am graduated from high school, I have a lot more free time, and I think reaching my goal this year will be a lot easier than it has before.

  2. A warm welcome to the Book Blogging World! There's no shame in being a slow reader! Everybody reads on its own pace :) I started book blogging last year and I love the blogging community, you'll feel right at home!
    I look forward to the posts to come!


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