January 25, 2014

Life Log #2

I meant to make this post last Wednesday but it's ok, this is just a filler sort of feature here on my book blog that has not too much to do with bookish things, and I do it for mostly myself. I hope the few views I might get on this post are readers who read it and like it, but if not, that's one hundred percent ok. Here are some events of my past two weeks, either way!

On Friday the tenth I began rereading The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart, which I finished on the fourteenth and reviewed on the twenty-first. I'm glad I reread it, it feels nice to finish a book you once thought you didn't want to read.

With mine and Tanner's birthday being in January, his parents usually take us out for a birthday dinner, but this year for whatever reason, they want to go out twice. Which meant I got to pick the restaurant I wanted to go to without having to compromise with Tanner. I chose to go to TGI Friday's, and it was a nice night. I don't have any interesting pictures from that night, probably because Tanner's parents are camera shy and haven't gotten used to me having it, even though they've known me for more than four years. In the same night, we went to Half Price Books. You can see what books I chose and why in this post.

Regrettably, I started reading Go Ask Alice and I got almost half way through and quit. It's disappointing to DNF anything, but I couldn't keep reading. I highly doubt I'll pick it up ever again, although I did get a personal message on tumblr from someone who wants me to finish it, and that they are not responsible for any harm done relating to the end of the book... which makes me curious.

To recover from the DNF, my mom and I went to the library the next day and borrowed some books on my boyfriend's library card because he's the only one that doesn't have any over due fines in the house. I picked up Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov and this other interesting-sounding book I had on my wishlist on Google Play. Lolita is a thick read for me in the way that it's written and Vlad's strange (to me, at least) vocabulary. When I read on my phone, I highlight and save the words I didn't know before in a list and look them up right then on my phone. Unless I have pen and paper with me everywhere I take a book, I can't do that with real life paper copies. And I can't highlight in the library book. Dilemma, I know.

I'm not sure if I plan on reviewing it, considering it's a classic and the themes are a bit risque, but I might make a post of my general thoughts. It's due back on the fifth of February and I'm only on page 93 right now, out of 317. Half of me says no pressure, but the other half is screaming pressure!

I'm doing something a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm reading another book alongside Lolita. I'm reading, in e-book format, The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson. As much as I wanted to pick it up in hardback, it was just cheaper in e-book. I'm about four fifths through it and wow, is it intense!

On the seventeenth, I had a doctor's appointment that was a little out of the ordinary.

Yesterday, Tanner and I went to Michael's and picked up a pretty blue scrapbooking album, for a baby book. I know, blue is for boys yada yada. Boy's can't have all the pretty colors for themselves! Our baby girl will have and love her pretty blue baby girl baby book. I'm excited to start working on some of the pages, so much so I've got a page of ideas written down in a notebook and a bookmarks folder dedicated to baby book inspiration. Tanner seems indifferent, but when it starts looking nice I know he'll get into the project with me.

And finally, today, I went to McDonald's for my niece and nephew's birthday party. They're seven and eight years old respectively, and it's wild to remember them being little babies and me being a young aunt at just 11. Soon enough they'll be eleven, and I'll be twice as old as them. It was a really fun party though, and even though it wasn't a scheduled one with a host and all, the manager gave us discounted happy meals. A day with discounted happy meals is automatically a great day, and nothing can go wrong.

Oh! Today is Tanner's 21st birthday, I almost forgot to mention! (I haven't gotten him a gift yet... please don't call the girlfriend police)!

That was my week! This was a really long post! And picture lacking! I'll get better at these hopefully as I continue blogging. How was your week? :)

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