January 08, 2014

Life Log #1

Every two weeks I want to do a personal post for this blog. I have been keeping a little memo on my phone of a list of things that have happened or that I've done so far this year, and I'm excited to finally share them!

My birthday is on the first of January. My family has a tradition of doing a second gift giving get together after the new year begins, but we didn't have a gift exchange this year, just a get together. We did this on my birthday. My family came over and we did a lot of talking and eating. We also didn't make Christmas cookies last year like we'd planned, so we did Christmas cookie decorating instead.

Last July I started a book called Undiscovered Gyrl, that I finally picked up again and finished on the second of January this year. I finished it both because it's my goal to finish the books I started, and because I needed a book to start the year off with good reading habits. I want to review this book on the blog soon.

On the fourth I made this blog, wrote it's first posts, and started reading a new book, The Diary of Mattie Spenser. I'm so so so excited about my book blog, it's all I have been really thinking about. It gives me such purpose and I really needed that. I am not going to let this blog die.

Yesterday, my mom and I threw around the idea of going through all of the books her and dad own that are stored in the closet right now, to pull out some books mostly for the fun of it. From that, I got a good stack of books to add to my own collection, most of them being recommendations from my mom and dad, as well as books I've been looking to buy and had no idea we had a copy in the house. It was a lot of fun and I am so glad to see mom doing something other than refreshing Facebook or watching Netflix. I'll do a post of all of the books I gained from this, which I'm anticipating so much I took pictures today in advance.

Today I took a blanket and a pillow and a hot mug of coffee to the living room and sat and read like I haven't done for six idle months. I finished the book, and definitely want to review it before my book hangover leaves.

I hope this was interesting, because it was fun to write and put together :)

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