February 21, 2014

Updates: on life, the blog, and Love For Books Readathon

If you're wiggly and squirmy about body/health/hospital stuff, this is a warning for the next four paragraphs. A quick summary is that my boyfriend is in the hospital and I've been seeing him everyday, not reading for the readathon like I should be, as well as not blogging.

On Wednesday, my boyfriend Tanner, after a horrific weekend of pain and being sick, decided to go to the hospital. We went to the emergency room and found out an hour or so later his appendix had burst, which totally sucks for everyone involved. The surgeon on call decided they were going to drain the abscess (scar tissue formed around the burst stuff) before deciding if he was going to need surgery. Tanner had to spend the night, little bit loopy on pain medication, watching their slim choices of t.v. channels, and limited to eating certain foods. He described his pain at above a 10 :'(

On Thursday, he had the drain tube inserted, he was put on a diet of clear fluids, prescribed bedrest the entire morning, and the wait for him to heal up (or get worse, which I don't want to think about) began. I stayed with him the entire day, reading a bit, on Tumblr a lot, and after he woke up, hanging out and talking. Before I left, he described his pain at a 5 when he's not moving, but a 6 or 7 when he got up. Hanging out was fun, because he was looped up a bit, and the only thing on his mind was food.

Today, he's back on solid foods, he's getting up to use to use the restroom, and he sounds normal and not-sickly when we talked on the phone. The nurses (his nurse, a nurse in training, and a student nurse - our hospital is a teaching one) taught him how to clean the area around the drain tube so when he's allowed to go home with it, he knows how to take care of it. He told me his pain is a 3 or 4, which is awesome amazing wonderful progress! He is staying another night, and he may or may not come home tomorrow.

Some day next week he'll see the doctor again, to check up on the drain tube and to decide if he needs surgery. I'm crossing my fingers he doesn't have to, of course, but I understand that if they gotta that they gotta.

Readathon-wise, you'd think I'd have blown through pages like nothing while I was hanging out with a sleepy Tanner in a boring hospital, but I couldn't, I'm cursed with being a mood reader I suppose. I read four pages yesterday of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, and nothing yet today. Maybe, at the last minute, I'll catch up and read like I haven't eaten a book in a year :)

I have an amazing book haul I've been meaning to do since Tuesday, because we went to the used book store and I bought a whopping seventeen books for about 30 dollars! I might do the post in three parts, because collective book hauls are over whelming and I'd like to say at least a little bit about why I picked up each book. Also we went to three book stores so it would just make sense.

And that is the state of things! I'll try to find time to post in the next few days. (This particular post may or may not have been too comma heavy.)


  1. Oh my goodness! What a scary week - I hope he feels better and you get back to normal soon!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings


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