February 27, 2014

Love For Books Readathon Wrapup

My goal was to read 50 pages a day, which I did not manage to do. My boyfriend was in the hospital from Wednesday to Sunday during the Readathon week, and while I did have a lot of time to read, I did not take advantage of it. 

I read 197 pages in total, which is probably even less than how many pages I would have read whether I was visiting in the hospital or not. 

Click here to go to my post with my goals.

I'm kind of disappointed I didn't complete that goal, but I still can redeem myself because the other goal was to review the books I read. I read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells and Don't Breathe a Word by Jennifer McMahon, and while I'm still not done with them, I am going to review them. I want to finish The Time Machine today or tomorrow and review it first. 

One of my hopes of the Readathon was to read over the goal each day, which I did actually do two days! I expected that if I was going to read over my goal, I would get to at least 60 pages, but both times it happened I reached over 70. Very very awesome :)

Hopefully, with the next Readathon, whichever it will be, however long or difficult, I will be able to conquer it, and everyone stays healthy and well and no one has to go to the hospital. 

If you did the Love For Books Readathon, how did you do?

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