February 03, 2014

Itty Bitty Apologetic Blog Update

I haven't blogged in almost a week, with every intention every day since my last blog to post a January wrap up or recap of sorts. It's been a tough, weird, uncharted-territory-type weekend in my personal life and I feel like the last five days went as fast as quickly as five minutes can. I went to my first funeral today, for my great aunt Suzie and I love her and I'll miss her and think about her every day of my life for the rest of forever, and blogging wasn't a priority this weekend. I apologize, but I'm sure you can understand.

Despite my absence, though, I received this email from Bloglovin' today!

Thirty followers isn't many compared to other blogs, of course, but thirty is about the size of a grade school class room, which is a good bunch. I'm so happy! This was a nice email to come home to after this weekend. This blog has been up for a month, so that's like a follower a day. Amazing!! 

I've been reading Lolita, still. I read about twenty pages a day because I'm not used to reading classic literature, with their ornate syntax. It's due back to the library on the fifth this month and I haven't finished it. I'd rather finish it and return it rather than renew it, because I'm using my boyfriend's library card and I plan on getting my own. The sentences can be so long winded, and even when I'm reading in my head I feel like I have to take breaths after each sentence. 

I'm also reading Carrie by Stephen King and I'm very indulged in it. I've been reading and watching book and movie comparisons, and old movie vs new movie critiques and all that. I can't wait to finish it and watch the movie. I might do a movie to book comparison, but there are so many out there already I don't know if I could think of something unique to say. It's also my first time reading Stephen King, so maybe I'll do a first impressions sort of post about him. Just some ideas for upcoming posts!

I'll be posting my January update wrap up recap thingy (I still haven't decided on an official title ahaha) hopefully tomorrow! Thanks for taking the time to read this and thank you and welcome to my thirty followers! 

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