February 04, 2014

Month in Review: January 2014

I hope I'm not too late to the party, but I'm finally doing my January month in review. This is my first sort of recap of any month ever because I made this blog just a month ago! For these, I will include all sorts of bookish things, as well as a little bit of personal things.

My reading challenge goal this year is 15, and I've read four, which means I'm ahead of the game by three books. I'm going to blow this goal out of the water this year. I've been so enthused by books and reading since I started reading book blogs, and having my own now, too.

I'm currently reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, and Carrie by Stephen King. I'm enjoying both very much and I am close to finishing them. I've decided I won't be reviewing Lolita at all, and that I will be doing a first impressions of Stephen King, that may potentially contain a movie vs book comparison and mini review of Carrie as a book.

As for challenges, I am doing a few. I am doing the Classics Challenge by The Pretty Books, the Book Genre Challenge by eternal-books on Tumblr, and a couple of personal Don't Break the Chain (designed by Karen Kavett) challenges I set for myself.

For the classics challenge I am reading Lolita, and I unfortunately was not able to finish it in January. I'm not going to give up or anything though, I'll just have to be more careful this month about picking the right book at the right time. January's genre was to read a historical fiction, which I did with The Diary of Mattie Spenser by Sandra Dallas, which I reviewed here.

My Don't Break the Chain goals were to finish a book every ten days, and to blog three times a week. I did better at blogging every three days. The gist of the Don't Break the Chain thing is to mark on the print out every time you do something you set a goal to do consistently for the year. It's a hot debate where the idea originally came from, but I credit Karen Kavett for designing these beautiful pages.

Pictured below is my progress, the first being my blog three times a week goal, and the second one my finish a book every ten days goal.

Hopefully next time I'll scan and crop them instead of photographing them... did you know a Canon Pixma MP280 scanner and the original Xbox have the same power cord? Neither did I. We had two, but one of them was lost in the move, and right now the only power cord is in my little brother's Xbox. And I'm too pregnant to be crawling around unplugging and plugging in things to take a couple of scans :@)

Speaking of being too pregnant, I'll update you on that as well! I am 27 weeks tomorrow. I did the glucose test to test for gestational diabetes at my last appointment, which was a syrupy drink that was pretty freaking gross and messed me up for a while, being on a sugar rush. All the experienced pregnant ladies in the clinic felt bad for me when the nurse brought it out for me. They were telling me their personal glucose test stories while I drank it, which was a fun change of pace from the usual just sitting in the waiting room waiting for my name to be called. Getting my blood drawn is no big deal for me, except when they have to puncture your skin. It's an uncomfortable sting that makes me cringe when I think about it. But I have good veins, doctors and nurses have always told me that. It would suck, I imagine, not having good veins, so I am hopeful my baby will get some nice veins too.

The baby moves a lot, and she has a few favorite places she likes to kick me in now. Her kicks are really strong and seem to shake my entire belly sometimes. I think she hates it when I lay on my left side, she'll kick all night when I do. But I've heard it's supposed to be the best sleeping position to get blood to the baby or something and personally it's the most comfortable for me. I've been having some insomnia as well, in the way that I've only been able to fall asleep after midnight. I'll sleep for a good nine hours, check Facebook, then nap an extra three. It's a bad schedule but I can't seem to fix it.

As for cravings, I haven't had any. Nothing weird, at least. This morning I really wanted a Snickers (and got one!!), but that hardly counts as a craving because it's not weird enough. I craved Snickers when I wasn't pregnant.

I don't know how boring or exciting this particular blog post was, but it was fun to write and it helped ease my mind off of some things, so for that I am thankful. I am also thankful for anyone who takes the time to read or even skim this huge post! :)


  1. Hello Sarah,

    You are a good writer and this is just right for a mom to be :)

    My favourite colour is yellow as well.

    Have a loveky week ahead and yes when will have more time will read more properly your lovely posts :)

    Much love
    Liuba :)

    1. Hi Liuba, thank you so much :) You have a lovely week, too!


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